Creativity Workshop

Creativity workshops provide a safe space for authentic, original self-expression with a focus on personal enjoyment, relaxation and happiness. Here you unleashe your confidence in creativity as a natural ability, and that it is possible to practice and hone this in a skillful way.

“The feeling of creativity is synomymous with joy and fulfillment.” Jill Badonsky

Unleashing your creativity generates wellbeing, health, joy and confidence and enhanced self-esteem. It frees your creative muse and allows for space where new ideas can emerge – a process where you are able to “draw outside the lines”.

During creative time you can forget about your commitments, or the need to achieve goals. It does not require you to perform against a certain standard, or even to create something that is perfect. There is no evaluation or assessments or comparisons to others’ work.

We weave creativity into all our work, which makes personal growth and creative activities energizing and fun, and accessible to anyone, while you cultivate a more creative mindset. The process is also designed to enable personal growth, and can also contribute to the development of new services, products, music, ideas for books, or other small projects participants wish to work on as part of their personal and career growth objectives.

Our workshops fuse somatic therapy and eco-therapy with  the creative process developed by Dr Tina Seelig from Stanford, as described in her book” Ingenius, A crashcourse on Creativity” and her program “Music to my Ears”. It consists of six short modules that are completed over a period of six weeks. Each module results in a creative artefact.

Ingenium: From the Latin – meaning natural capacity or  “innate talent”