“You own a dazzling feature of the human experience called Creativity. Despite rumours to the contrary, everybody has it.” Jill Badonsky

“The Artist type is a creative individual who has used negativity and social opposition as a force to push against, differentiate from, and who has affirmed the creative self in spite of the social pressure to conform, and criticism for not conforming.” (definition by Otto Rank)

Creativity is a natural and free source of happiness. Unleashing your creativity generates wellbeing, health, joy, confidence and enhanced self-esteem.

Creative activities are vital to help reduce the harsh stressful effects from constant uncertainty, lack of information or lack of control, as it enables you to forget about your commitments, or the need to achieve goals.

Creativity does not require you to perform against a certain standard, or even to produce something that is perfect. There is no evaluation or assessments or comparisons to other people and their work. It is a pure form of authentic self-expression flowering from the multiple experiences that it so part of being human.

Creativity enables you to increase your ability to see opportunities around you, to connect and combine ideas, to challenge assumptions, and to reframe problems. It is a natural expression of yourself, and can be applied to improve your relationships, generate more options for problems you might experience at work, and find new solutions in situations where you feel stuck.

Following your create muse can help you develop your emotional agility, social intelligence, adaptability and flexibility to deal with diverse experiences – to name but a few. Viewing your work and life as a magnificent piece of art, your identity will evolve as you pay attention and uncover your inherent nature as infinitely creative.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” (unknown)

 “I believe there is a difference between the process of technology or technique, and the process of creativity, or spirituality If you like… because that process creates itself. Where as technique or structure is created by the mind. And there is a huge difference between the state of the mind and the state of no-mind.” Phaedrana Jones (whose live performance I attended while at Burning Man 2012)

Below is a clip of Phaedrana performing and also providing inspiration for pursuing your creative potential.