Somatic Intelligence – Tapping into your 6th Sense

There is a new movement in personal growth and leadership development which you might not have heard of…somatic coaching.

“Somatics refers to practices in the field of movement studies which emphasize internal physical perception. The term is used in movement therapy to signify an approach based on the soma, or “the body as perceived from within,”[1] and in dance as an antonym for “performative techniques,” such as ballet or modern dance, which emphasize the external observation of movement by an audience. Somatic techniques may be used in bodywork, psychotherapy, dance, or spiritual practices.” (Wikipedia)

“Somatic Learning – an integrated body-mind-nature approach – optimally supports the full embodiment of “mindfulness” through awakening somatic intelligence. As we sense the feedback arising from the body-mind throughout our organism, we learn new ways of functioning that are congruent with non self-limiting beliefs. The old programmed responses are erased, and our habitual tensions release into a more enlivened and integrated functioning.” (Risa Caparo Phd)

“From a scientific perspective we don’t think of emotions as just a feeling state, it is an embodied feeling state that comes with action, urges that comes with responses to change the situation or change our thoughts”. Dr Barbara Frederickson (MOOC Course in Positive Psychology and Positive Emotions) (February 2015) (Coursera)

Somatic learning and creative somatic practices views experiencing life within the body as essential  in change, healing, creativity, personal growth and transformation. Not only do you increase your fitness and health levels, but also physical flexibility, mobility and strength. Somatic intelligence is the integrated intelligence of the body, mind, spirit and heart, experiencing life from an inside-out and outside-in perspective, and somatic fitness awakens that. Somatic movement can also be used for a therapeutic practice.

We hold many unexplored positive qualities within our senses of our bodies. It is a well known wisdom in the world of theatre, for example, dance, your posture leads the expression of identity. For example, confident posture will bring about confidence. When experiencing continuous high stress, our bodies are often neglected which often results in unexpected illness. Somatic practices enable us to regain connection and work with our body’s natural healing system to regain health and stay well.

Learning the skills of embodiment – Being in touch with our body increases our capacity to learn and evolve, increases the possibility of meaningful relationships, as well as an authentic spiritual and creative presence – the foundations for a fulfilled, satisfying life.

LifeCreativ offers somatic and eco-somatic education for leaders,  health care professionals, teachers, coaches, therapists, organizational development consultants, teaching core competencies in somatic intelligence, somatic mindfulness and creative approaches to growth and development.