Strengths: energizing activity that is done well and is done often.” – Dr Alex Linley. Strengthsbuilders know how to maximize unrealized strengths, when to marshall realized strengths, mitigate weaknesses and moderate non-productive learnt behaviors. They develop a strengths language and lens; recognize and think about strengths in others and themselves, and practice and apply strengths for themselves, teams, and innovations. Use emerging new assessments and development models such as the R2 Profiler and develop positive narratives and branding that engages your stakeholders to stimulate positive impact and conditions for successful adoption of innovation and change.

StrengthsBuilder is a personal growth and change perspective, method and tools that combines strengths identification, strengths-spotting and strengths-development from diverse fields such as Strengths Psychology, Applied Positive Psychology, Positive Leadership and Organizations, mindfulness practices, eco-mindfulness, the art and science of creativity as well as embodied leadership practices. It is based on fifteen years of personal research, practice and successful application in typical corporate environments, for example, healthcare and management consulting.

Strengthsbuilder™ helps you to

(1) Develop a strengths language and lens;
(2) Recognize and think about strengths in others;

(3) Recognize and think about your own strengths;

(4) Practice and apply strengths;

(5) Identify, celebrate, and cultivate group (work, classroom, school, etc.) strengths”

Contact me to learn about Strengthsbuilder™ for Individuals and Strengthsbuilder™ for Teams or Organizations to support individual, team and organizational flourishing.