Dancing the Return of the Dragon Chinese Gardens in Seattle, 2015 Photograph Kitt

There is scientific evidence that healing is possible through peak experiences of flow and  euphoria. The state of awe where you transcend your current state of being can literally change your core beliefs. (Dacher Keltner)

Life seeks creativity, healing, wholeness and growth.

Practice such as NIA (seen in the photo in this post) or indigenous nature based practices such as Walks in the Wild Side provide a view more aligned to the natural way of life and nature.

In NIA you step into each class with an intent to access Universal Joy. And it happens.

In positive psychology  you become more familiar with positive states of being, by gently  re-discovering these within yourself and others.

In meditation you become more familiar with the nature of your body, speech and mind, increasing your personal realisation and familiarity with how confidence, stability, openness and connection feel like.

Through sparking your imagination by learning to draw outside the boundaries and lines, you gain insight into the true meaning of life and your true potential.

Each time you experience this, you gain more time and moments of feeling what happiness, health and wholeness is.

And over time, gradually, this becomes your life.

It is very simple. It is also radical.